Who is the body psychoanalysis applied to? 

  • To every one curious to discover his internal life, origin and logic of its behaviours.
  • To adults in physical and mental good health who like to ameliorate their existence.

Content of a session :

Sessions of 3 or 5 days (to see with thepsychoanalyst).

  • 2 working a day of 1 h 30 every consisting in: 
    - physical session
    - writings at the end of session
    - Verbalization à the end of every working
  • Meeting in the evening to introduce traumas, the tools of reversal or daily games.
  • assessment of the session with counselling from Catherine Berte (at the end of session).
  • Choice of the daily practice (at the end of session).
  • Programming of a free monthly phone management..

*three days intensives sessions include 2 working time in the morning and one in the afternoon.