What is a trauma?

By observing the numerous BP sessions and analyzing testimonies of relived traumatisms , we have developed, and are continuously updating, a grammar of the world of traumatisms where each traumatism has a precise position, an origin and a content that are very specific to the period of time at which it occurred in the course of our past.

Hence, we were able to distinguish two categories of traumatisms : Primordial traumatism – that of birth, and three secondary traumatisms – those occurring during infancy, childhood and adolescence.

Among the principal definitions of traumatism are:

traumatism is a peak of existential pain summarizing an entire period of life.traumatism appears in circumstances where the child's interiority is torn between two opposite forces of equal intensity such as, for instance, pleasure and shame and where the child is cornered to make a choice that results in giving up part of the self.traumatism determines a behavioral scenario which will be programmed and repeated constantly, thereby taking part in building one's personality.

What does the Body Psychoanalyst?

During a BP session the patient is invited to be thoroughly sincere and to let go of the control of the body so to let it "speak". The psychoanalyst can then point out and encourage the emergence of body lapses.

At the end of a working session the patient is invited to verbalize the emotions and the images which surfaced during the session. The role of the psychoanalyst is to help the patient bring those elements to consciousness and to use the newly retrieved knowledge towards transforming the behavior. With the help of the psychoanalyst, the patient will decide which action needs to be taken in order to fully benefit from this new self discovery, find relief and tangibly appease his/her daily life.

When does de body psychoanalysis end?

BP is terminated when all four traumatisms (at birth, during infancy, childhood and adolescence) have been relived.

Practiced by competent professionals, this technique is based on a total respect of the patient and strict work ethics. Every licensed Body psychoanalyst has been through a 5-year formation followed by personal body psychoanalysis. Only those who have fully relived the four traumatisms have their formation in Body psychoanalysis validated.